I got through the flight’s thanks to some encouraging seatmates who kept me calm when the bumps came. I was so relieved to finally land in Barbados. Part of me couldn’t believe we didn’t crash since I had worried about it so hard for so long. I felt really proud of myself for doing so well and feel hopeful my irrational fear of flying is starting to fade. They opened up the back door so there were two sets of stairs to exit the plane into the humid heat. The tropical sun was a welcome change from the snowy Winterland that had befallen Edmonton yesterday. I felt relief when I saw the blanket of white knowing I was about to head south on my vacay. I do NOT like winter or cold. I couldn’t have timed it better.



Old Carl my cab driver chattered away as he made it way down the twisty turny roads. I understood about half of what he was saying. He kinda mumbled a lot but it seemed to make him happy so I obliged. Every now and then he would honk his horn to alert any cars coming around the bend. He told me he has lived here his whole life, and never left the island once. And he didn’t want to either. I tried to get my head around that.

After a half-hour ride, we pulled up at my hotel called Beach View. It is a lovely property with amazing flowers all over the place. My room is clean, modern, and bright. I even have my own little kitchen area. I turned the air-con off and just used the ceiling fans. I like it warm. It feels so luxurious to just open the doors to my little patio area that overlooks the pool.

I looked up and noticed I have my very own plumeria tree just next to my patio. In fact, they are all over the property. It’s my favorite flower with its pinwheel shape and sweet honey-like scent. It’s also known as Frangipani and I have seen them in Hawaii and Australia too. To me, this epic flower represents everything tropical.

I was feeling pretty tired so I didn’t venture too far. I did, however, pass through the back gate that goes right to the water’s edge. I crossed the road and there I was standing on soft fine sand. The warm water surf slurped at my toes and I watched the sun slowly dissolve into the sea. I exhaled and felt really peaceful.




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