After all the stress from the Orange Theory Challenge, it took a while for me to settle down. I had a very disheartening phone call with the arrogant president of OTF Canada (head bully and proud of it) and realized this company was on its way down, not up. I know what goes around comes around, and it won’t be long until their lies and corruption catch up with them. If you are considering giving these guys your money, I’ll hate to say I told you so…but you don’t want to be anywhere near them when the karma police come to collect.

I guess that extra stress messed with my newfound weight loss since my sleep and diet were completely out of whack. I realized that stress makes me gain weight, even if I am not overeating. Interesting to learn. I think when my body and mind are peaceful it’s easier to drop extra weight that I may have been holding on to.


Finally weeks later, I am able to sleep through the night without taking pills. My appetite is back to normal and while I am not going hog wild, I still do a relaxed keto. This morning I woke up and hit a stable new low. Not by fasting but by finding balance. After a month stuck at 130 lbs, I am finally down to 128 lbs barely even trying. I have been walking a lot (no more HIIT for now) and listening to my body. Still avoiding carbs, but not to the extent of a carbnazi. I think the shift from Strict Keto to Lazy Keto has made all the difference. the-devil-will-try-to-tempt-you-drugs-and-kittens-20210023.png


The foster kittens I am helping raise have been a huge part in my recovery. Everyone knows pet therapy is a real thing, but for me, kittens are the ultimate mood booster. Better than any drug (and I have tried most). I guess helping animals is a perfect combo of pet therapy and volunteering. Totally a win-win situation.


It’s a scientific fact that volunteering can ease depression and helping others improves mental health. That includes planting trees, picking litter, making sandwiches at the soup kitchen, or helping an elderly lady cross the busy street. And also helping animals…which is my specialty.

A month ago I took in an abandoned mother and her three newborn kittens. They are all thriving so when I was asked if I could handle a new, somewhat wild, and seemingly abused kitten I accepted. I hoped she would somehow meld into the litter. It took three days of growling and hitting and pure unadulterated fear, but yesterday we had a breakthrough. She went from being a problem child, to being a sweet and vulnerable part of the family.WhatsApp Image 2019-04-08 at 20.42.10.jpeg

My heart overflowed when I saw her accept the mothers’ kisses without running away. And when she awkwardly nosed her way to the milk bar next to her new foster brothers, I almost cried. She has been on solid food for a long time (we don’t know when or if she ever nursed from her mother) so this is less about food and way more about emotional nourishment. Just when I was about to give up on socializing her to cats…I almost resigned myself to the idea that she would have to go to a one cat household. Now she is blooming like a flower. I had called her Tiger Lily, in hopes that her aggression would soften. “Tiger” has battle scars from her first few weeks of a hard life, but now our “Lily” is healing, inside and out.


Today I am grateful for persistence, gentleness, healing, honor, and peace.



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