I have been struggling with the cold for, well, most of my life. I despise it. Everyone knows how warm I keep my house. To me, the worst thing in the world is freezing. I guess I grew up with some pretty harsh winters. When I left Canada to travel the world, I made it pretty clear that as soon as it would get cold, I would leave a place. Literally. If I felt the weather turning, I would head straight to the airport. It was really quite empowering. When I lived in Argentina, the locals thought I was loco because while they were complaining about the sweat dripping down their face, I was all smiles.

This winter has been a long tough haul for me. I haven’t really traveled anywhere. I even moved house and sold my car right in the middle of Dec/Jan, the coldest time. That meant I had to rely on my feet to get me around. Truth be told, I didn’t leave the house a lot. Except for the pottery class twice a week, and the odd trip to the post office. About a month and a half ago, I began searching for a BBQ and now I see that was completely symbolic. I NEED summer to come. Maybe I thought if I had the proper patio set up, the weather would co-operate. I was wrong. I found that BBQ and even the nicest balcony furniture…but the other day it snow. Again. For the 893rd time this year. At least that’s what it feels like.

It feels like the snow will never stop, the winds won’t shut up, and the temperature just can’t break freezing. It starts to wear you down. I finally rented a car this week, because I have a lot of errands to do before my trip. There is no way I am walking. Cold makes me grumpy…even more so than being hungry. I rather be hungry and warm than full and cold. Any day of the week.

Today I am grateful for melt, Spring, heaters, BBQs, and solar.


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