Today I am grateful for women. I have been connecting with my sisters a lot more lately and it has been really rewarding. The more I learn about my fellow females, the more I seem to love myself. I find so much beauty in my gender now.

It wasn’t always that way. Societal stereotypes and certain situations growing up had me feeling a lot of shame about being a woman. I have spent years intentionally reprogramming my ideas of “beautiful”. I realize beauty is so little about how one looks and so much about how one “is”. It’s why even the prettiest girl in the class looked so ugly when she bullied someone. And the most homely looking man could look so handsome when humbly helping an elderly woman across the street.

I understand I am really hard on myself. I think a lot of women are. It’s pretty rare to find a female that truly loves her form. Almost everyone I know has some kind of body image issue. I know a good few that have struggled with eating disorders and depression, including myself. I am constantly having to check myself, because my default for most of my life has been one of negativity about all things female. One of my goals in life is to really, truly love myself. Easier said than done but baby steps.

Today I connected more deeply with a woman at my pottery class. I always thought she was really pretty but now I see that she is beautiful too. We shared stories and learned that we actually have a lot in common. It sure feels nice to meet someone who makes you feel less alone in this world of disconnection.


The more I recognize the beauty in others, the more I see it in myself. And a good self-esteem and healthy self-image are something I have been working on for a while. Thank you to all the women in my life, yes, you who are reading this right now. You have been integral in my journey and I’m so blessed to have such amazing reflections around me.

Today I am grateful for compassion, communication, Daddy Dates, sharing & all the phenomenal women in my life…including me.

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