So I have attempted a full SeneGence face minus the mascara which I am still finishing my last tube pre-SeneGence. This is totally me just learning and experimenting. I am sure I did a few things wrong but I learn best by doing…feel free to let me know (kindly) of my errors.
Today I used:

  • Climate Control
  • SeneSerum C
  • CCTM in Light (Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer)
  • Pearlizer Makesense
  • Toasted Rose BlushSense
  • Candlelight ShadowSense
  • Moca Java ShadowSense
  • Garnet ShadowSense
  • Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense
  • Onyx ShadowSense
  • (Better than Sex Mascara by Two Faced)
  • Translucid Powder in Natural
  • A variety of brushes of every brand!

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