Making New Friends – Interlaken, Switzerland

Could it get any better than this? I am so happy sometimes its hard. I had to say goodbye yesterday. My friend Lauren (sink girl 😉 ) left and I almost cried. How is it that you can know someone for three days and get so attached? I think I am just lucky to be meeting the best people. I miss the Aussies too but I know I will be seeing them soon.
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A Little Alone time – Naxos, Greece

Its raining today. Which is actually not too bad. It smells really nice. Its very refreshing in such a hot climate. Last nite Marlena and I went out for dinner then just watched the nightlife. Today she left for Ios. I decided to stay put. I am having some really good wind down time. Catching up on some writing and reading. I was watching TV today and the only thing on was Melrose Place. Man, I can`t believe they still air that! It was all subtitled so it was very funny (as if the acting wasn`t read more

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Chocolate and Rainstorms – Salzberg, Austria

I had a wonderful time wandering around Salzberg yesterday. Then I went back to the hostel to give my very sore feet some rest. I met up with a few other travellers and we played cards and had some beer. Then we went to this Irish pub and had some more beer. I got tired pretty early so I ended up walking home by myself at around 930. But not before I found a cute little deli that I had to try. I got a huge chunk of cheese and some salami to go with my leftover lunch bun.

I ran into a guy read more

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No Absinthe, Thank you Anyway – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I am still in Cesky but I am feeling a little better. I have spent time just taking it easy and eating chicken soup. I absolutely love the little hostel I am in. Its called the Snail hostel and its adorable. It only has one room with 10 beds but we have our own kitchen and there are two bathrooms, one with a round two person tub! Its really nice to be able to take a nice hot bath when your sick.

Yesterday, there were two Vancouver girls, two kiwis and and American. We all got along really read more

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Escaping the Flood – Dresden, Germany

On Sunday, it started raining again in Cesky Krumlov. I had planned to leave on Monday anyway and its a good thing I did. All the taxis and buses stopped running and the water was gushing threatening to take out the bridges. You got the feeling that things were getting out of control. I was glad to get out and onto the train.

I actually left a few hours early hoping I could get an earlier train but no, I ended up waiting in a traditional Czech pub drinking 40 cent beer and playing pool. Mu read more

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