Getting to Greece – Athens, Greece

I am lost in Athens. But I think I am beginning to sort things out. The train ride from Switzerland to Venice was long but I got there ok. The language barrier is beginning to become more and more prevalent. Then I got lost all around Venice. Luckily I had the entire day to find the port I was leaving from.
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Transportation Terror in Athens – Athens, Greece

So I got to Santorini which was beautiful but an hour after I had arrived, it became apparent that it was time to say goodbye to Greece. I was getting very itchy feet and laying on the beach just wasn`t doing it for me anymore. So I spent the next few hours trying to arrange the ferries back to Venice.

My last night in Greece was spent by eating swordfish at a lovely small greek restaurant with Marlena (whom I met up with again in Santorini). Then we bought the cheapest wine we could find read more

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