First Taste of Foriegn Culture – Zurich, Switzerland

I am finally here. I am really tired and this keyboard is funny…the y is not in the right place and there are dots on top of the letter oau. It is a different world here. Note to self- buy compass. I got lost 4 times today. Its ok though because I got to see places I probably wouldn’t have gone to by plan.
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Getting to Greece – Athens, Greece

I am lost in Athens. But I think I am beginning to sort things out. The train ride from Switzerland to Venice was long but I got there ok. The language barrier is beginning to become more and more prevalent. Then I got lost all around Venice. Luckily I had the entire day to find the port I was leaving from.
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I’ll be Comin Round the Mountain…. – Venice, Italy

I arrived into Venice at 8am and stored my pack in the train station baggage storage before heading off to explore Venice. It was absolutely stunning. The sun was shining and I was feeling so happy. I got lost (which I would recommend everyone do in Venice…its the only way) and ran into the cutest little mom and pop grocery store. I bought a .20 Euro banana and a .50 euro apple. I must have looked hilarious walking along eating my banana with this huge grin on my face. It was the best banana I read more

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