Plane rides done right

After a wonderful couple weeks at Burning Man, we packed up and are now on our way to South America. I am sitting on the plane (2 out of 3) smelling the yummy food being heated. My tummy is growly so I must be hungry. Michael is sleeping in my lap. Luckily, we got the whole row so he could spreaIMG_8188d out. That happened on the last flight too but I took my turn sleeping between San Francisco and San Salvador. It certainly is a long trek down to Buenos Aires taking more than 26 hours but that is the price you pay for getting good deals on tickets. Besides, Avianca ain’t so bad. They feed you for free and that is a major plus in my books.


There is nothing like gliding through the baby blue expanse, high above the clouds nibbling on a hot buttered bun and sipping wine. No matter how bad the food may be (insert random joke about bad airplane food), I will never tire of dining among the stars.

20140908_051007People pay big bucks to eat in fancy restaurants on the top floor of an elite building and they never  get this view. Being served breakfast as I watch the sun crack over the horizon spilling God beams across the heavens, is one of the most comforting feelings I know. Add to that the fact that I am GOING somewhere. That always adds to the excitement. I love going places.

I remember once flying over the Rocky Mountains on my way home after a l20140908_063342ong stint away. I happened to glance out of the window and saw tiny snow capped mountains popping out of the thick blanket of clouds. It was something of an optical illusion because these were clearly the very peaks of some of the highest mountains in the world. I was transfixed and in awe of the majestic beauty. I remember feeling so moved that I had to cry a little, just to release some of the intensity of the moment. That and I was coming home. I always get that way when I get near home. Its part of the reason I like to go away!

20140908_070759Yeah so I have decided that its definitely worth it to take those airlines that still treat you like flying is an “experience”, not just a cargo shipment of humans. Sure you can buy food on a lot of these cheaper airlines, and maybe for short flights that ok. But I love the romance of the trip and part of that is being taken care of. Feeling like “Dude, I got your back.” I want to feel like the airline cares about me enough not to nickel and dime me, wanting to get me there feeling positive about the trip. Lord knows there are enough people who have to deal with the fear of flying. Add hunger to that and thats where we get so many of these crazy air rage stories. So give me food, make sure your staff have a nice bedside manner, and don’t shoe horn me into an ever shrinking seat. Then I will be fine to deal with the freaky turbulence and shrieking babies…those things you CAN’T control.

20140908_052708I still get scared to fly. Even after a thousand flights, I sometimes get white knuckled and sweaty when those bumps and jolts get out of hand. I have quite an imagination you see. And all those terrible plane crash movies probably haven’t helped my optimism. But I do have to say, it happens much less, when I take an airline that can afford to pay for good talent. I can tell that when I get to check a bag for free, I get a hot meal, and my arm rests go up, they probably haven’t let someone fresh out of flight school fly my plane. At least, that is what I would hope.


So here I am, heading back down to Argentina. Its been almost 10 years since I lived there. I know my whole life changed because of that experience. I had some of the best of times and definitely some of the worst. But it all made me who I am today. It has always be close in my heart and have missed those little things. I am a little scared that maybe it has changed. Or maybe I have changed too much to be able to appreciate those nuances. But I doubt it. It will be a trip down memory lane. Nostalgic to say the least. I fell in love last time I came to Argentina. I also had my heart smashed into a billion pieces. This time I bring my love with me, and my stronger, fortified heart.

I am grateful for in-flight meals, landing safely, sleeping on planes, my sweetie who is the perfect pillow, and returning to reclaim a lost part of my past.

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