Leaving India

I woke up around eight and slung my bag over my shoulder. After a restless night, I was more than ready to head to the international airport. It had rained in the night which cooled things off considerably. Triin helped me to the metro station and sent me off with a big hug. I paid 85 rupees for the airport metro token and made my way to the platform. Just as I sat down the doors closed and we pitched forward on the track. I was pleasantly surprised by the modern clean car and the up to date technology onboard, indicating just where we were on our route.

A short half hour later, I arrived at the airport and checked in. After gliding though security and customs without a hitch, I spent my last rupees on breakfast. I ate some deliciously sloppy southern Indian dish and finished it with a brownie sundae from *gasp* McD’s. I haven’t patronized that place for years but I allow myself an ice cream once in a blue moon in emergency situations like this. And I was having a sugar shortage crisis. That and I needed to get rid of 85 rupees.

I boarded the plane and nestled into my window seat placed perfectly to observe the Himalayas as we flew past. As my seat belt clicked, I felt sudden elation. I wasn’t just leaving India…I was going to Nepal! I have been looking forward to this for a few months now and finally the day is here. I hadn’t planned on seeing Nepal at all this trip but then again, I hadn’t planned much. I didn’t expect I would have made it that long in India either. But all the signs pointed north to this lovely little piece of paradise, many of my fellow travelers called it.

Grateful for expedient exits.

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  1. Avatar lana.A says:

    Safe trip Carmella … hope you enjoy Nepal … can’t wait to read your posts from there …

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