Nelson Saturday Market

This morning I made my way to the Nelson Saturday Market which is apparently one of the best in New Zealand. After making a few short detours through a few stores, I found myself in the middle of hundreds of market goers and oodles of stalls. There were all kinds of foods like fresh organic fruits (strawberries, apricots, and of course kiwis) and vegetables, nut butters, cakes and cookies and every kind of sauce and spread under the sun. The crafts were unique and expensive as well were the clothes though I think they were all of high quality. I had quite a time fawning over the whimsical jewelry and was tempted on more than one occasion to buy a delicate souvenir. Luckily my will power won out and I walked away relatively unscathed with only a pint of blueberries, some veggies and a packet of smoked fish. All things I needed…or so I told myself.

After exploring each and every stall, some of them twice, I made my way into a temporary store that was selling climbing and hiking clothes at a steep discount. I was interested because I am currently in the market for some well made sports clothes which tend to hold up well when backpacking. I ended up with a few shirts and some shorts which I reasoned also, that I needed. The t-shirts were made out of some crazy material which made them feel like a really thin layer of the softest velvet caressing your skin. I bought two.

I went back to the hostel and decided to plant myself down until I figured out my Europe trip. I was on the fence about several choices and was really having trouble making decisions. Finally a solution presented itself in my mind that seemed to fit perfectly! I would book my flight to London then decide the rest when I got there. Ofcourse! That was the answer and I knew it because it felt so right. There are a billion flights from London with cheap airlines and I will see how I feel mid-March when I return from Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Croatia. I am leaning towards Turkey but am not sure it will be warm enough for me. In any case, it was a huge relief to be able to have filled in that missing link. Now I can stop thinking about the future and be fully present.

Although I wasn’t really into it, I decided to accompany the girls from the hostel who were going to a latin dancing club. I reasoned that it would be good for the walk and I could use the exercise after all that chocolate pudding and ice cream the other night. It did turn out to be not my style so I stayed for a few minutes then took my leave. I strolled back home the long way stopping now and then to glance in the dark store windows. That night as I lay my head down to sleep, I was able to watch the stars from the window just above my head. I sighed deeply and sent a silent thank you to the universe for building such a gaze worthy night sky.

Grateful for resolution.

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