Laid Back Nelson

Today I changed hostels and then made my way into town to explore. Although I have been here before, I don’t remember. I think we ended up somewhere near the outskirts and really didn’t spend much time in the center. What I had missed! This is an adorable little town with a multitude of hippy shops, clothing stores, book stores and travel agents. I loved the sidewalk fruit vendors selling sweet juicy cherries the size of walnuts. I bought a brown paper bag full for 5 dollars and finished them in two days.

There are a bunch of free festival events going on at the moment including a film festival as well as jazz concerts. I went to listen to some music but none of it really grabbed me. I wandered up and down the sunny streets lined with pots of bright blossoms hanging from the stores awnings. There were lots of tourists but it didn’t really feel too overrun.

When I got back, the English blokes were waiting for me to go to the beach. We had a bit snack then off we went. The tide was out but that didn’t deter us. We plopped ourselves down on the packed wet sand and basked in the sun. We talked about their girl problems and I tried to lend them any insight that I could. I was distracted when a juggling dude on a unicycle sped past us. It was so random and absolutely made my day. Then the wind began to pick up and we decided to leave before we got sandblasted any further.

I had a nice quiet night then climbed up to the top bunk where I was to be sleeping that night. I was pretty much exhausted and don’t really even remember sticking in my ear plugs. My dreams were visable for the first time in a long time and that made me feel happy and settled. Finally things are back on track.

Grateful for brightness.

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