A Life of Adventure

I am sitting on the floor in the San Francisco airport next to the outlet so I can charge my electronics before getting on this 13 hour flight forward in time. I will be getting into Auckland in 2011. Its an odd concept to get my head around. One: Changing years up in the air over the international date line. Two: Losing a whole day. Poof! Just gone. Three: No matter how many times I do it, I always get a thrill out of doing from one hemisphere to another.

I am just STARTING to get excited. Its been a bit trying to get here mentally. The last few months have been cold. I know, I was in Canada and Lake Tahoe and what was I expecting? I guess I just didn’t realize how averse I have become it. I HATE cold! So to sum up the past month or so:

I went on a cruise down to the Caribbean after a short visit home to Canada. It was a nice trip but I had been to most of the ports already. I did however get to visit Honduras which was new to me. I tried to go scuba diving but ended up going fishing instead and catching a barracuda. That was fun. I also went snorkeling and got stung by lots of little jellyfish. That wasn’t so fun but not nearly as deadly as my mom thought it should be. She had been watching some documentary about how the oceans are overrun with the deadly jellyfish and they are killing everyone. Good thing she has me to dispel such rumors.

I was pretty happy to get off the ship even though it was beautiful and brand new, just launched this year. My favorite part was the 4 story live Banyan tree suspended in the middle of the atrium. I never got sick of looking at that. The service on the Celebrity Eclipse was a step up from the lines I had frequented in the past and I am pretty sure I would sail them again. I loved having a balcony and the best show I have ever seen on the seas. It was a cirque type show and was absolutely mesmerizing. I don’t even know how many times I  gasped out loud in wonderment.

After debarking, I flew from Miami to San Francisco again where I was whisked straight to a thanksgiving type dinner party with Joe, Alessandra and friends. It was too yummy and I left stuffed full of turkey and good conversation. Anyone who knows me knows that turkey dinner is my absolute favorite meal and this spread was that and then some. Wow. All I can say is that after the week of gorging on the cruise ship and that epic dinner, I was ready for a diet.

But first I went to a Hannakha brunch with Matt, Nilu and friends where I had to eat yet again. It would have been rude to show up and NOT have the yummy time that was presented there before me. We drank champagne and nibbled homemade applesauce smothered latkes and tender brisket till we could nibble no more. Then we lit some candles while our Jewish peeps sang a song. It was a cool experience and I was happy to be able to share in a traditional ceremony.

After that I finally sped off to Lake Tahoe where I promptly joined a gym and began my health routine. I spent a good couple weeks just getting my body back into some sort of balance. In the process I made several friends in the area. I discovered the DVD vending machine at the Safeway and watched a bunch of movies. I perfected Black Bean Brownies and rediscovered the joy of Jello that we all seem to lose somewhere between childhood and teen age. I found my tolerance for snow was just the length of time it took me to walk from my front door to the gym with a short pitstop at the Safeway. All these things were open 24 hours and I most definitely took advantage of that fact. Its fun going shopping at 3am. And its surreal to walk in the snow covered streets in the dead of night and winter. I assure you, the peaceful feeling inside my soul was far from dead.

I loved watching the full moon/lunar eclipse/solstice. It was quite the powerful transition and I was really glad I was able to witness it. Christmas was joyous with Linda and her family who live just up the hill from me. The dinner was delicious and the dancing afterwards was a blast. I finally got to MonteBleu casino where the nightclub was situated. I danced my pants off giving myself quite a memorable little Xmas present night.

Lastly I had a few friends come up to Lake Tahoe to visit and enjoy the snow with me. We had a homemade pizza party, modeled jewelry for a photo shoot, had fires, steamed in the sauna and played games. I believe a  much needed snow break good ol’ time was had by all (thanks Pat, the host with the most!). Luckily my coastal buddies got what they were looking for (not seeing snow for 8 years?!) and we got quite the dump. Infact, two days later when we were trying to drive back to San Fran, it took us more than double the time it should have. Chains on tires were mandatory and still we were amazed to see dozens of stranded stuck vehicles along the mountainside. Slowly and carefully Matt and Nilu navigated through the near white out blizzard safely delivering us all to our respective homes on the coast. I got a short visit with Joe and Alessandra today before coming to the airport. I sure do feel blessed to have a network of such gracious friends.

The last day or so I have been slightly nervous. I am not positive why. Perhaps is the very small light backpack I have to live out of for the next 6 weeks. I wonder if I have under packed? The thing is only half full! Have I become that streamlined over the past few years? It has been a while since I have backpacked around with no real plan. A lot has changed since my first big trip. How will it affect me and how I travel? Will I still be so brave? Will I still have the energy? Will I get bored or lonely? All these silly thoughts flutter through my head but none really stay long enough to become a worry. I think I am just excited. No matter what, I am going to have an adventure. Oh we are boarding now! Gotta go! The summer of 2011 awaits!

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Grateful for the will to adventure.

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