Moving Moments

Tonight I am bundled up in front of the fireplace wrapped up with a huge duvet with the making of Lord of the Ring playing in the background. I have been a tad sick over the past few days so I am doing my best to heal without completely losing my sense of routine. I have been in Tahoe for a couple weeks now and the weather has gone from bad to worse. There has been a storm warning in effect for almost a week now and I guess I didn’t take it too seriously at the start. I didn’t realize that the heavy snow mixed with the rain would create a giant slush puddle which would leave my feet soaked through. I think that the cold feet is where my illness began. It was so odd when I would try to find some solid snow to walk on but every time, no matter how sturdy it looked, it was just a thin cover for an ice water which has the consistency of cement. My feet just fell through like butter into the mess of watery snow. But as determined as I am, I trod on so as not to miss out on my daily gym routine. Silly me.

So now I am fully outfitted with winterwear thanks to my local friends but I am fighting a pretty uncomfortable cold. At least now I can walk down to the store and get supplies instead of stranding my car which doesn’t want to make it up the icy hill to my house. Today some of the neighbors helped me push it up the last few feet into the carport where it will stay put. I hate winter. What the heck am I doing here? Good question. I had planned to come here to write, relax, and plan my next move. And I have succeeded on all three counts. I am leaving in just over a week to my favorite place in the world, so far. New Zealand.

The deal was too good to pass up so I took it as a sign. I leave on Dec 30 and arrive into Auckland Jan 1. I will miss New Years Eve altogether. Because of the time change and crossing the international date line, Dec 31 just won’t even exist for me. So don’t expect a phone call from me on your birthday Sis…good thing we celebrated it together before I left Canada.

I am kind of excited to bring in the New Year in this very unique way. Generally I find the whole NYE party thing over hyped and I usually end up feeling slightly ripped off. I can honestly say I don’t think this experience is very common so I will be sure to enjoy it, however it pans out. It has been suggested that I make a party on the plane which I imagine will happen nonetheless as it’s a direct 13 hour international flight. Read: free alcohol and food. Anyway, I am looking forward to the journey as well as the fact that it is now summer in the southern hemisphere. Yay for warm!

Tonight there is a rare astronomical occurrence which I was lucky enough to catch. As I walked to the gym, I felt the energy in the air slightly different and found myself noticing the strangest of things. The moon is full and shone down like a flood light catching certain trees and objects in such a way. I took a break from my treadmill hike to catch the different phases of the full lunar eclipse as it took place. Finally the last few minutes I was absolutely mesmerized as the slivery crescent glow was slurped up by the shadow. It was like an optical illusion as my eyes tried to adjust. I could honestly imagine that this was a actual ball suspended in the sky not 50 feet away. It was bizarre how suddenly the moon was not a flat dot in the sky but sphere which I could practically reach out and wrap my hand around it like a knob waiting to be turned.

I marveled at the completely blacked out moon which kind of glowed a faint brownish red and thanked my lucky stars that the clouds had dissipated long enough for me to witness this historical event. How magnificent that the week long storm let up just in time. The full moon being eclipsed on the solstice doesn’t happen very often…only every 500 years or so. I am super glad I made the effort to participate in the experience. They say the longest night of the year is the darkest and this night just gave that phrase a whole new meaning. The beginning of winter has officially started here in the North which means its high time for me to split. I can already feel myself getting lighter.

I just checked out the window and the saw the eclipse just ending. The moon is back in her full splendor shining just about as bright as the sun. Its so wonderful the powerful moments nature provides us. I was just talking to a friend today who teased me for not knowing what day it is, blaming my carefree lifestyle for my absentmindedness. I agreed that I find it less important to know times and dates (except when I have to catch a flight, that is) so I can more fully focus on moments which are cheapened by a start and end. I don’t think my meaningful moments can be defined in such rigid measurements and to do so would be futile. When I have tried, I’ve only managed to clumsily rob them of their magic, insulting mystery. The exquisite nature of miracles are such that we cannot predict them. Perhaps the importance is not so much the event, but what surrounds it and what results. One thing is for sure: living in the present sure is a gift.

Grateful for exquisite moments.

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