Lazy Days in the Ocean – China Sea

This morning room service woke me from my very light sleep to bring me some fruit and coffee. I nibbled the oranges and sipped up some coffee before bounding up the stairs to the gym. I checked my energy levels and noted they were considerably high so I thought I should take advantage. Once I was good and sweaty, I took a breakfast break adding some hard boiled eggs to my usual menu. I have been pumping some serious iron and need to feed those muscles.

After completing some ab work and stretching, I watched Bolt on the TV while cardioing it up. I also found some extra tunes I didn’t know I had hidden on my iPod. That alone fed me with some extra bounce which I channeled into my routine.

I took a light lunch then wandered down to the Art Auction which was pretty much more of the same. It was slightly more active but once the Art director began showing the same pieces I have already learned about, I slipped out the back.

I found myself at the coffee bar once again and sipped on several pots of tea while I wrote. I was joined by an tall dewy faced blond called Megan who had sat with me yesterday as well. Today we struck up a conversation and found out that we had an awful lot in common. Our chat went on for hours as we shared our thoughts and philosophies about life.

We laughed at our follies and shared secrets in hushed voices. We bonded quite quickly recognizing the eerie similarities in our paths. She left reluctantly to her standing dinner date but not before inviting me to dine with her table tomorrow. She is here visiting one of the head officers so I suppose I will get to meet him as well.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the meeting people part. Each person is a gift to opened and I’m keen to discovering what lesson they have to teach me. Sometimes they are cryptic riddles and some messages take some time to sink in. But its all part of the adventure for sure.

Well now formal night has started and I am still sitting here in my writing corner, tucked tight behind the coffee bar. I have been here for five hours now engrossed in conversation or plucking away at my laptop keys. A few curious passengers have asked me what I am writing. I never really know what to say. A book? Maybe. A story? For some. An interpretation of the world through my eyes, ears, heart, and soul? Yup. That’s it.

Grateful for independence.

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