Arts and Crafts – Sea of Japan

I worked out like crazy today so I could spend some time doing some writing before lunch. It didn’t happen. I ended up too crushed for time if I wanted to meet my standing lunch date with Marshan and Darren. Afterwards, Darren and I headed to the Grand Art Auction in the Explorers Lounge. It was a little sleepy and I didn’t really learn anything new. I did however get a deal on a spa visit which I plan to make use of later on in the cruise.

I was thinking about it and I realized that I am not even halfway through my 40 day cruise. How crazy is that?! I have more than three weeks left on this vessel which I am slowly becoming quite attached to. I have made some strong connections with a few of the staff and have several favorite places which one can find me at certain times of the day. I am also feeling quite at home in my cabin which I have spent time personalizing. My small but cozy space is now beautified with ornaments I have found and made. It has a distinct Carmella flavor to it and I am loving living there.

After the auction, it was time for Arts and Crafts where we made masquerade masks. There was lots of tracing, snipping, ribbons, gluing, feathers, and drawing going on. I ended up with a piece that I was quite proud of but knowing I would have no where to wear it, I displayed it on my wall.

After another stint at the gym, it was time for dinner again. We didn’t feel like waiting the half hour to get into our favorite dining room so we opted for the buffet. It wasn’t very good which I suppose, in the big picture, is better for my waistline. Afterwards, we decided to go see the hypnotist show. It was the least successful show I have seen and I am really not even sure that any of the three ladies he ended up with actually went under.

We made our way to the theatre to watch the production show but I left early. It was mediocre and I was tired. Marshan thinks she is getting sick so I need to be extra careful to stay healthy. Tomorrow is Russia so I wanted to be sure I would have a full energy tank for it. It is my first and perhaps only visit to this country. I am not drawn to it at all and doubt that it is somewhere I will get to again anytime soon.

Grateful for creativity.

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