Fourty Days on a Cruiseship – Vancouver, BC

Today I woke up early to say my goodbyes Carley and Jonny thanking them for their generous hospitality. It was really good to finally meet my little cousins new family. She has grown up a lot over the past few years and maturing into a fine young woman. Cody also surprised me with the level of wisdom he has already attained at just 21. I am quite excited to watch him develop into his potential. I didn’t realize how much I missed my little cousins and vowed to keep better tabs on them.

I was whisked off to breakfast with Uncle Don and Lynn before they dropped me off at Canada Place. After an emotional and heartwarming discussion, I was truly grateful to be able to reconnect with my favorite uncle. I waited calmly in the long line that snaked though into customs before being able to board the cruiseship.

After dropping my stuff off in the room, I kept to my plan and headed to the gym. I was the only one in there jogging on the treadmill which was nice but I realized would probably not happen again for the duration of my trip. Workout areas are known to be very busy on long voyages such as the one that I was embarking on. I watched “Ever After” as I plugged away and realized that though I was sure I had, I don’t think I’ve seen this movie after all. It was a cute romantic comedy and just as the credits rolled, my cardio workout ended.

I was just about to jump in the shower when Darren, my cabinmate showed up. After I cleaned up, we set out to explore the ship. I think we covered a good three quarters of the public areas before we even set sail. It is Darren’s first time and I was happy to follow his lead. It was amusing to watch how excited he was to go to the very front and then the very back. He made all sorts of aft/stern/starboard jokes, all terminology I still, a seasoned cruiser haven’t bothered to memorize.

I acquired my $25 coffee card which gives me unlimited brewed coffee as long as I have it in my hot little hands. This is a must as the regular coffee is a syrup and is unpalatable even for lightweights like me. I also get 15 specialty coffees with this magical card which may come in handy on those long arduous sea days between Alaska and Japan.

Next Darren wanted to participate in the muster drill which although I resisted a bit, finally gave in. As it was his first cruise ever, I would never forgive myself if he didn’t know how to put on the giant awkward bright orange life preserver. Heaven forbid the poor boy drown because of my complacent arrogance.

After checking out a few books in the library (not a fun experience due to the rude book Nazi who snarled at me for asking a question), we headed out to the main deck to watch as the ship pulled away from downtown Vancouver. It was fun, if not a little windy, to see the lovely costal city float by. There was even a pleasant running commentary over the loudspeakers citing cultural and historical facts.

We decided to head down to dinner at around 7pm and were seated at a cozy table for two near the window. I tried to keep the meal light, having already indulged a bit too much at breakfast. It was all for naught when the decadent flourless chocolate cake and rich bananas foster over hazelnut ice cream came. I decided that I would have to spend a good half day in the gym tomorrow but hell, it was worth it.

Grateful for bargains.

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