Lets talk about the weather

It’s Thursday afternoon now and we are still experiencing scorching temperatures. Good thing we have a fan going in here or I would be cooking! I have the radio on in the background to catch any weather warnings that may develop. Usually we get a good thunderstorm when it’s hot like this. This has been a very active year for intense weather in Alberta. Severe storms causing extensive damage (including several fatalities) have dominated the news over the past few months.

Admittedly, I tend to get rather excited when Environment Canada issues a weather watch for my region. You will find me glued to the window of my 20th floor condo monitoring any systems coming in from the west. Talk of jet streams, barometric pressure, and dew points really do it for me. Yeah, I should have been a meteorologist.

The wind has picked up a bit but the sun is still turned on full blast. Mom is napping in the shade under the trees on my yoga mat. Dad will be back tomorrow to pick us up and haul us home. Then I have to begin packing.

Grateful for climate climaxes.

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