Everyone should have an EscapePod

The last time we came here a few weeks ago it was windy and a little too chilly for my taste. It was probably a good thing that the tent broke because then we were forced to look for a new one. We ended up spending a bit more and purchasing a little vintage 1979 Trillium trailer. Made of lightweight fiberglass, our 13 foot home away from home can even be towed by a car and is easy to manage. The previous owners took great pride in renovating the interior creating a charming and modern “escape pod” which can go pretty much anywhere.

I will admit that while it is much more convenient camping with electricity, I am not quite ready for the cumbersome responsibility and expense of a giant gas guzzling RV. But my Trillium is a happy compromise with a small fridge, stove, and sink proving that having a few creature comforts can up really boost the fun factor.

Even as a child, I have always liked cubbyholes. My mom would always find me hiding or sleeping in drawers, closets, under furniture, and even inside the clothes dryer. I gravitated towards small spaces so it makes senses that I would find one to travel around in.

We are using it for the first and last time this year before storing it away for the winter. As luck would have it, we have hit a three day 30 degree heat wave. Mom is having a nap before we embark on another hike aka. Project Saskatoon Collection.

Grateful for pod mobility.

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