Secrets out

Yesterday was the day that it was finally announced that TravelPod is now part of a bigger entity. I have known about this for some time and it`s been really hard to keep it a secret. I have to admit it`s quite the relief and weight off my shoulders to be able to talk about this openly. So many exciting developments and changes have already occurred including a business trip I have taken to Boston.

A few weeks ago the TravelPod team was flown down to the trip advisor headquarters for meetings. It was a lot of fun to work in an office of people all in the travel industry. I was really productive and it was fun to see a bit of a city I had never been to before. I had some mouthwatering seafood and even got to meet up with a friend I had met traveling some time ago.

Luc and I were treated to a Red Sox game at Fenway. We had fantastic seats and even had bar and food service at our seats by a waitress. I ate a ballpark frank, cracker jacks and drank beer while I watched the Toronto Blue Jays slaughter the home team 10 to a measly 3. I tried to keep my excitement to a minimum so as not to attract unwanted attention from these hardcore Boston fans. I will admit it wasn`t easy. It was a baseball experience I will probably never be able to top.

Grateful for growing.

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