We all have to start somewhere

Last night I didn`t sleep so well because I started having some very active crazy dreams. I woke up at 6am feeling quite frazzled and probably shouldn`t have gone back to sleep. But I did anyway. The frantic dreams just continued and I woke up even later than I meant to missing my early morning yoga class.

So it was a bit of a bad start to the day. I did some work then a bit of running around before a couple meetings. I ended up having to go to the afternoon yoga class. This 3:30 p.m. class seems to be a real killer for me as it is the most sluggish part of my day. I was relieved that today the temperature was only 43 C but the guy behind me seemed to be struggling as if it were 143 C.

Why is it that when you see someone having a worse time than you it sometimes makes things easier? Although it was obviously this dudes first time at hot yoga, somehow watching him panting and slightly freaking out helped me keep my own discomfort in perspective. Surprisingly, it was only slightly distracting to have him bouncing around and flailing about behind me as I focused on maintaining my form. He seemed to be in far better physical condition than I which just reminded me never to judge a book by its cover.

Near the end of the class the instructor made a comment that there was only one posture left. “Just hang in there” he encouraged, “I know some of you are anxious to have that bit of fresh cool air from outside but were almost done!” I glanced in the mirror to see our Bikram virgin on all fours desperately trying to wedge his nose between the door and the floor. Seriously. I tried really hard not to laugh but it was quite a sight to see a grown man in this hamster like state.

I thanked Ricky, the instructor for the great class as he said goodbye to me. I did admit that it was far better than yesterday when I was sure he had it in for us. He smiled and chuckled a bit knowingly. I am sure I am not the first nor the last to say such a thing. I guess there is something to be said for conditioning.

Grateful for beginners.

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