Death by Yoga

So today started out half decent but because I barely slept last night, I was groggy and fuzzy headed. It took me thrice as long to do anything and I kind of just dragged myself around the house. I know I should have probably cleaned up a bit because of the messy weekend but I couldn`t bring myself to it. It was all I could do to even THINK about going to yoga yet I knew I must.

So at around 2 I had a half hour cat nap, then raced to the Bikram studio for 3pm. I had figured it would be a hard day after the less than optimal weekend I had. I really did stretch my limits and it appears I may pay for that. I didn`t take my normal spot near the left wall but stayed near the right wall. Here I have clear view of the thermometer and I am thinking this is a bad thing.

All I could do the entire class was watch the numbers go up and up and up. I thought it was only supposed to go up to fourty Celsius but nooooo. Not this time. I watched go between 44-46 and that is not including the fact that I was only one foot away from the steam. I just about died. I thought my heart was going to pop right out of my chest and started getting a little dizzy.

I was pretty convinced that the instructor, who is usually my favorite with his calm steady voice, was secretly trying to off us all. I was trying not to glare at him as he would wander over barely even breaking a sweat. You see, the instructors don`t do the poses but rather just speak steadily for 90 minutes, guiding you through. The pace and tone sounds like cross between an auctioneer and a hypnotist. For the most part this technique is quite helpful keeping your focus.

By the end of the class, I had watched most of the people take short breaks and I am not sure anyone completed all the postures. I had dumped most of my water on myself and couldn`t even help making some very deep groaning noises. I will admit it was my hardest class yet. But you know what they say, what doesn`t kill you, makes you stronger.

Grateful for sweat, natures cooling system.

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