Keeping it Real

Well I am very good at burying my head in the sand sometimes. But this one is hitting me clear up side the head. I did do Bikram today but I had a terrible time with it. I had to take alot of breaks and not push myself. I realized that the sleeping aids I took the night before had really not quite worn off.

I Then decided that I would have a great day not matter what. But I guess the weather didn`t want to agree with me. We had crazy snow and some vicious fog with hours of each other…I don`t know Dudr, but driving on this was going to take all my concentration. Seb was on the adventure with me and so that made it a little less tretchorous. We make a quick visit at Level 2 where Mel spins. Said hi to Cuvy who was spinning his best, as usual. Then we had to meet up with a few other friends who came by for a quick visit…A busy night, and we didn`t even make it to the two parties we were invited to.

Grateful for trying new things!

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