I haven`t written the last few days because my days have kind of all blended in together…How it seems to happen when you don`t sleep. This is another form of addiction. I suppose the effects are like one of a drug…But after a while, it becomes over whelming and we all know…to properly dream, we must sleep.

I just wish I understood more about how my sleep dreams affect my waking life…Is there not where that has wondered if this may be a key to unlocking our endless energy??

I haven`t been sleeping at all in the last few days but I manage to figure a few things and get an awful lot of work done. I have a feeling now that it`s the weekend I am going to allow myself some rest. I know this is a typical thing most people do but as I am not very typical by nature, I sometimes fight this. So I am learning what my true nature is.

Grateful for truth.

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