WetraFest and Chill in SoBe – South Beach, Florida, United States

Saturday was meant to be the main day for UltraFest and we decided to pace ourselves. Rather than showing up at 11am when the gates opened, we wandered in at around 4 just in time to catch Fat Boy Slim who played a great set. The venue could have been better and the sound was horrific but he still managed to make it work. I was happy to have finally gotten to see him after enjoying his style for so long.

I pretty much split from the crew most of the time and went off on my own. There were way too many people I wanted to see and being in a group would have made it difficult. But then the rain started. And…it didn`t stop. And it didn`t just rain but it was torrential lasting for most of the night.

I was extremely happy that I had my plastic poncho which I almost forgot and had to make a special trip home for. I ended up hanging out with a couple I had met and we dodged the rain together. I have to admit our efforts were thwarted as the sky was determined to dump all its moisture down making muddy squishy spongeland out of most of the grassy areas. Enormous puddles which resembled small lakes gathered in many spots taking up even more danceable space.

The troopers that they are, people just gave in and just danced right through the windy wet storm. Many others huddled together in what soon felt like a sweatlodge or a steamy sauna. All these wet bodies crammed into a tiny space but still, people stayed. I listened to Deep Dish and Bad Boy Bill before the rain cleared up a little and we headed over to see Rabbit in the Moon.

The weather began to co-operate and I was able to actually enjoy the set which was actually quite impressive. I hadn`t even heard of them before being highly recommended by many over the past few days. I was tickled pink when the fireworks began and really felt my mood lifting, though it really wasn`t all that bad. I had decided just to make the best of it all and wasn`t going to let the weather affect me. It was just an awesome opportunity to be able to see all this great talent in one place for such a decent price.

I ran into Erika again who I had met the night before and we hung out for the rest of the night. We had really connected and had a blast dancing away the rest of the night to Paul Van Dyk. When all was said and done, we waded through the mess of tired and wired party people. Erika and I navigated Miami trying to find our way to South Beach in her new car. She was still a nervous driving it but I thought she did just fine and we even found an amazing parking spot right near the hotel.

After changing into dry and classier clothes, we hooked up with Chandra while the others opted to go back downtown. We wanted to see if we could get into Mansion where Tiesto was playing a small more private show. The tickets were going for $150 per head but somehow we skipped the line and paid $30 each. I guess timing is everything.

Chandra was so excited because she wanted to see Tiesto more than anything and didn`t think it was possible as she had only arrived into Miami that afternoon. She had missed the music festival because she had to work until yesterday. She and Erika bounced up and down clearly enjoying themselves immensely.

Somehow some huge guy stepped on my big toe and I was limping the rest of the night. I knew my toe was hurting but I didn`t think it was any comparison to Chandras. We weren`t sure if her little toe was broken but it sure didn`t look good. Tiesto was pretty good though still a little impersonal, despite the smaller venue. He did play a few tracks that he didn`t the night before and that made me smile.

Mansion is a very elegant multi-level club which despite all the rich royal red velvet décor was actually cold as the crystal chandeliers. I am not just talking temperature either though I was chilly most of the time while inside. The people inside were generally quite rude and pretentious but I guess they felt entitled after paying such an inflated entrance fee.

We met a group from New York that made me want to throw my drink on them and that reaction has never occurred to me before. I knew I shouldn’t have expected otherwise…this is South Beach. Here it is all about style, show, and snobbery. Sobe has an attitude where someone like me shows up like a sore thumb…or toe.

Grateful for genuineness.

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