South Beach Style – South Beach, Florida, United States

The next morning we met Adrianna`s friend Vicky completing our group until more would arrive on Saturday. After some internet and work stuff, we decided to head off to Joe`s Stone Crabs for lunch. I had been telling them about it for long enough and it was finally time for them to experience it for themselves.

We caught the 25 cent South Beach bus which carted us the 15 blocks to the restaurant. I suppose we could have walked it but we wanted to make sure we got there before they closed at 2pm. It was as elegant as always with the staff dressed to impress and emanating class.

I ordered my usual favorite sweet potato fries, creamed garlic spinach and of course, the rare crab claws. I think I ate the most and still probably could have devoured more of these juicy tender delicacies. I love them. Even though one of them bit Erin (quite a deep cut infact), I still love them.

With Yummy Time out of the way, it was time to get to work. Ali and I headed over to the internet place and got our nerd on for a few hours. We had eaten so much at lunch that we more or less skipped supper and just got into the booze. We drank wine in the hotel lounge before heading out to check out the local scene.

I don`t quite know how it happened but I suppose with a group that big it was inevitable. Somehow Adrianna and I got lost but ended up making some more friends at a bar on Ocean Drive. After a few more drinks, we headed back to our original mission to find our fellow TravelPodders.

The humid night air was warm on my flushed cheeks as we strolled down the sidewalk clickety clicking with our heels. We stopped in for pizza and finally ran into the rest of the group once again. I was getting sleepy at this point and knew it was time to call it a night. The others went out a bit longer but the next morning, I ended up to be super thankful that I cut my night short.

Grateful for stone crabs.

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