Up up and away – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Well I made in onto the plane so I am relieved to know that my passport works. People have been having issues with customs and border controls because of some “list” which classifies some people as risky. I am glad to know that I am not considered in that category. I have heard of people missing entire trips because of this strange new practice which is part of the new safety regulations. They sure are trying to make it hard to travel and though it may discourage some, it only makes my resolve that much stronger.

Erin`s mom took us to the airport at 7am and our flight down to Calgary was a super short half hour. Even though we were only 20 mins delayed we almost didn`t get on the connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale. We stood around waiting at the wrong baggage area until we were directed elsewhere. We ran clear across the airport to the exact opposite end and after talking to a very long winded (and lonely, I suspect) U.S. Passport Guard, we sped over to capture our luggage from the now almost empty belt.

We rushed to fill out the forms and resubmit our baggage before waiting ever so patiently in the next security lane. The line was quite long but as we got through it with 6 minutes to spare before our flight was scheduled to take off. I know we should have probably expedited ourselves through as some people do, but we didn`t. As it was, we made it into our seats 1 minute before the last person boarded. Sweaty and a little out of breath, I contemplated why it seems that almost every flight I have ever taken, I am always rushing. I guess I like the adrenaline blast and this may very well be my version of extreme sport. Airport Adventure Activity or Extreme Airport – yeah, that`s it…and I am just in training.

Anyway, Erin and I both wanted window seats so she is sitting in front of me. I have had nice ladies sitting beside me on both flights so the time as has passed quickly. I guess we are landing in a half hour and they will probably tell me to put my laptop away soon. At least I got to catch up on a bit of email.

I am really looking forward to the warmer weather especially since after the short tease of more temperate weather of past week reverting back into a cold snap. Despite being the first day of Spring, we had some crazy white out snow storm last night for about an hour. All the grass that was visible is now once again, smothered and covered in the white stuff. I had to giggle as it is always that much better to leave a chilly home when embarking on a tropical holiday.

Environment Canada said that this winter Edmonton was on average half a degree colder than normal. While the rest of the country experienced (and generally worldwide) one of the mildest winter seasons ever, my city was lucky enough to have frozen out previous records. We have had more than 122 cms of snow compared to an average of 92 cm and had a coldest-ever November low of -36.4 C. Edmonton really can be quite intense when it comes to climate fluctuations. Well, I am long overdue for a holiday and I don`t think I really could have picked a better time. I run around my house all day in shorts and tank tops or workout gear because I control my thermostat. Now I will be able to go outside because Mother Nature and I will be on the same page. Good bye winter snow and hello summer sun.

Grateful for escape.

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