TravelPodders take Miami – Miami Beach, Florida, United States

I finally have a moment to capture a few of the memories of the last few days. Jess and I are sitting on the Promenade Deck in the 24 hour coffee and treat shop. We both have been having trouble focusing (she too works in a virtual office) so we made a work date. I have been indulging my procrastination demon and find myself distracted by anything and everything.

I need to either hole myself in my cabin which gets old after the first couple days or get some discipline. So when Jess suggested we nerd out together on our laptops I agreed it was a splendid idea. So now that I have actually finished my TravelPod work for the day, I can blog a bit. Wanna know what we`ve been up to, do ya?
Alrighty then…here is the recap.

Erin and I flew into Calgary then rushed through the airport to make our connection. Twice I chugged Erins full waterbottle as security wasn`t going to budge on that one. There is a strict no liquid policy now on airlines. Suffice to say, I was well hydrated for the flights…perhaps a little too watered if I am to be honest.

We met a cheery Audrianna on the plane and were picked up in Fort Lauderdale by a smiley Caro. She took us to her home and introduced us to her husband Chris, her big dog and her long yellow snake. We left the pets at her house and the five of us made our way to South Beach. It was sprinkling but the general air temperature was quite balmy compared to the snowstorm we just left behind.

We arrived at the Clay Hotel where the gang was already waiting for us. Just as we pulled our bags out of the trunk, Jenn ran up and gave us a welcome hug. Then round the corner Ali spotted me and gave me another bear hug. After checking in and unloading our stuff, we met the other boys, John and Neil down at the Mexican restaurant. We acquainted ourselves over beers and laughs.

We made it an early night and all stuffed ourselves into our rooms. We decided not to use the spare bed we had in the hostel as it was in a shady area. Plus we couldn`t figure out how to work the gate and didn`t want to be locked in. All in all, though the day was full of new meetings I wasn`t really that tired. Good people and good energy did ease me into a good sleep.

Grateful for compatible personalities.

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