Death to taxes

The trip is getting closer and my excitement is growing with each day. It`s been far too long since I have gone away which is probably one of the reasons I am letting myself get so worked up. All the planning is done, tickets are bought and reservations made. I usually don`t go into it so organized but this time is was necessary. The Miami Music Conference has made it next to impossible to get accommodation as everything was sold out months ago. Luckily, after calling back a few times we got in thanks to Audrianna persistence in finding a cancellation.

So it turns out there are nine of us in total that will be going on the cruise. A few extras will join us for the pre-party in Miami. Every time I look at the line up for UltraFest I feel myself getting thrilled just at the thought of it. Besides all the amazing names, besides the balmy temperatures, besides all the wonderful people…I am most looking forward to the energy that an event like this generates. I have experienced it on a smaller scale but this will be the biggest festival I have attended.

These last few days I am trying to wrap up loose ends so that I can really enjoy myself rather than worrying about things at home. Somehow I got into my head that my taxes were due April 1. I was scurrying around trying to get all the documents, receipts and random info together. The thought of this daunting task has been haunting me on a regular basis since late last year. I have no idea why I have allowed myself to procrastinate this long but I am not impressed.

After piling up stack after stack of tattered envelopes I began the tedious sorting process. It went a lot better than I had expected and after a few hours I surveyed my 20 or so neat little heaps of papers. I had a feeling I was missing a few things but that happens I suppose. I imagine they will turn up if I need them. I did made the promise that I will begin a more organized filing system to prevent this paper party from getting out of control next year.

I found out my regular tax lady had moved away and began to get nervous. But luckily, I know people who know people and I was able to get a good referral. “I was about to head to the yellow pages” I admitted to Tina who graciously passed on the advice. “Oh no! Never never do that!” she chided me. I called the new accountant and she was able to squeeze me in the next day. “You DO have it all in a spreadsheet then?” she inquired, almost as an aside. “Uh…Yes. Yes I have a spreadsheet,” I assured her as I opened up a new worksheet in Excel.

I knew I would have to work all night to get this stuff sorted but I figured it was pretty much now or never. Suddenly I remembered that I had been emailed last years spreadsheet so I hunted through my old messages and viola! I felt a renewed sense of confidence after realizing that this job was a lot less intimidating that I had made it out to be. I guess I notice that happens with most things I build up in my head. Its really important to keep perspective and vital to quell the evil devil of procrastination early in the game.

The next morning as time began to crunch louder than my rice krispies, I began to panic just a little. I glanced defiantly at the mess before me and braced myself. It was time to go into overdrive if I was going to have anything to show for my efforts. Suddenly, Jen turned up online and we chatted a bit about the cruise. I know that instant messaging is one of the biggest timewasters I know of but I indulged anyway. I hadn`t spoken with her for some time and I probably wouldn`t again until we met in Miami. Lucky, I took the time to connect as she quickly informed me of my error.

“Tax time? Already?!” she queried in disbelief as I went on about my impending deadline. She then went on to correct me that Canadian taxes are not due until the END of April. A wave of relief washed over me as I settled back into my chair. I called the tax lady who then confirmed it and we rescheduled. I still think I should get it done before I leave just because I am so near finishing anyway.

Grateful for the extra thirty days…just in case I need it.

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