Reality Check

The leaves are yellow and other shades of paleness sometimes matching the indecisive sky. We have had strange weather but then that is normal for this city, as I remember from my early years spring blizzards and scorching January afternoons. I am enjoying crunching autumn under my shoes and breathing in deep the crispness of the air.

I really do love summer but there is something about spring and fall that just has so much energy. I am feeling that energy inside me now. I know that I have had a monumental couple years but I also get the feeling that the bigness of it all is not quite over yet. There are few things to come and I am curious as to what they may be. I am not feeling the overwhelming desire to travel at the moment and am (dare I say it?) almost looking forward to cozying up for the winter. Freezing winter temperatures keep me inside so I shall enjoy learning, reading and writing over the next few months.

I find myself shifting focus lately and the things that interested me before don`t seem to hold my attention. I feel very contemplative at the moment and sometimes it concerns me just a little. It feels like somewhere in the depths of my mind there is some wicked little plan being formulated. It`s a very peculiar feeling of mystery ribboned with mischief. I know that whatever it may be, it will be positive but I only worry that it may be a massive undertaking. The lazy side of me is dreading what this little mastermind is cooking up. It feels like it might involve a lot of work. Ugh. I have just gotten so good at NOT working and learning to be still and having peace. I suppose when I find out what this is all about, the motivation will drive me anyway.

I am very much enjoying my quiet life in my condo by the river. I do get out and talk with the people who are generally quite friendly these days. I am quite looking forward wearing my Santa Hat. I almost put it on the other day but then remembered that it was still only October. I guess I still have to wait a few more days.

The other day, my nephew asked my opinion on the authenticity of Santa Claus. I told him that I don`t really think there is a guy hanging out in the North Pole but that the spirit of Santa lives in all of us. It was a pretty automatic generic answer and I now regret that I didn`t think.

It was a trick question…Now if he would have asked me about fairies, angels, elves, or dragons, then I wouldn`t have stumbled. I failed a crucial test and now have to make up for it. Again my little 8 year old buddy taught me a life lesson in a way that I will never forget. I have gotten a little too grown up and serious it seems. Well, I suppose that the time is ripe for some magical mystical fun and games.

Grateful for red flags.

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