Peak human achievement

Saturday I hosted my first Special Breakfast with Jen, Dave and Jason. We devoured the Italian cheeses and eggs and spicy veggies with fervor. The green onion cakes and fruit gave it just the right balance and we were stuffed. Tea and coffee`d out, we all lazily sprawled out in my living room to bask in satisfaction. I am so lucky to have such culinary and artisitic talent in my circle of friends.

Sunday morning rain drops woke me from my sleep. I gathered the last bits of what I need for my trip away then zoomed off to see Cirque de Soliel. An exquisite display of mastery of artistic talent and form, this show had me enthralled. There is a hypnotic dreamlike quality that makes it almost impossible not to get carried into this magical realm.

The best part for me was when they released many giant white balloons into the audience while the entire cast came out and sang Allegria. I felt so joyous as everyone took turned punching the massive floaters into the air and they would bounce back down onto another section. I have watched many performances of Cirque de Soliel on video but only Mystere and Delerium live. There is no comparison. If you ever have an opportunity to experience this inspirational pinnacle of human achievement, jump at the chance.

As I pulled out of Edmonton, I realized that the drive to Calgary would probably not be one of my favorite as it was pouring. But knowing what was waiting for me at the other end propelled me forward in good spirits, no matter how fast my windshield wipers were going. I got into the city just after dark and went directly to see Sebastian.

It was as if time stood still as he enveloped me in his 6`5″ frame smothering me in a tender hug. We spent the next few hours just sharing and being together when suddenly I realized it was past midnight! I raced over to Kelly`s house and crawled into my bed trying to fall asleep while grinning ear to ear.

Grateful for joy.

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