New Familiarity

In a matter of just a few days, my entire place was sorted and unpacked. The most magical thing happened as I was unwrapping items and unloading boxes. It was like things just gravitated to a spot or location, as if they knew just where they belonged. It was as if everything had a place and knew it. Every shelf fit my glassware and mugs as if they had lived there all their lives. Every drawer and hanger was used but not overstuffed. This is such a contrast from having way too much space and trying to compensate by spreading everything around and about. It gives the impression of scarcity making me feel like I should have more, even though I didn`t need more.

Days after I moved in, a visitor arrived. At Symmetree a few weeks ago, I met a man called Sebastian. We had a few brief yet intense moments together at the gathering and though I knew there were more, the time and space seemed vague. Recognizing a strong connection we decided it would be wise to explore this further.

He arrived from Calgary and we have been accepting the inevitable ever since. He is curiously strong, gentle and his eyes smile. I sense a deepness within him and between us. We seem to have shared stories and share common views. We have been learning and realizing and laughing and feeling mystified to say the least. We took turns giving our heads a shake and blinking incredulously asking one another if this was really happening. There are so many things that suddenly are making sense. Like puzzle pieces all coming together and only now I feel I am really getting the big picture. It`s like I am living in this Bizzaro world where everything is suddenly completely new yet uncannily familiar.

Sebastian is leaving the country soon. Magic seems to think she has found a favorite companion. It`s clear she will miss him but I will try compensate for her new best friend and playmate. I am grateful to have had this moment. It`s ironic that this comes just days after I wrote a poem to this man. This man who I thought didn`t exist in this reality but only in my dreams. I wrote this sentiment to him in gratitude that though I may never meet him, I am grateful that he Is. Now he has shown himself.

Grateful for synchronicity.

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