Picked up – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At the moment, I am fluxing between all states of emotional weather…my personal climate matches that of my city, Edmonton. They say if you don`t like the weather just wait 5 minutes and chances are it will change. Yesterday, after enduring the plane ride trying to manage my deteriorating health, I was so relieved to see Joannas` familiar face waiting for me behind the sliding doors. Even at 8am she was cheery welcoming me with open arms asking if I was up for a lil bit o` Tims (Tim Hortons DONUTS and COFFEE). I sniffed my pathetic stuffy nose with big watery eyes, smiled a grateful, “oday…da wou`be dice.”

I met my fellow traveler Joanna that fateful night back in BsAs, when I met Max and Antonella. We bonded quickly and kept in touch all this time. She moved on to Columbia, met a boy and learned Spanish as well. Then she came back to Canada, got offered her dream job and is now trying to adjust to settling into the stable life. For now.

She dropped me off at her new house (gorgeous and elegant), made me feel at home then went off to work while I spent the day “recovering.”I tried to sleep but I couldn`t get used to how quiet it is. There are no horns, yelling, construction, or miscellaneous racket to invade my mind. No, it was calm as an old oak tree growing in the middle of a lily field. I laid in my bed letting the bright warm patch of sun wash over me as I sipped tea to soothe my sore throat.

I keep getting a lightheaded dizzy feeling every so often forcing me to stop and ground myself. It started back in BsAs the day before I left and has been coming more frequently now. It`s a neat sensation of floating, almost fainting, altho I will monitor it as its prolly not a good thing. I imagine the stress, exhaustion, imminent illness, jet lag, and plane food all have a part to play in it.

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