Mission Statement

This is what I learned from traveling. They started out with simple concepts like packing light, writing a journal, not wasting, sharing, playing, paying attention, listening, trying new things, and keeping balance. I was able to expand them into my own personal mission statement. What`s yours? Everybody has one…whether you have written it down or not. How do you choose to live?

*I responsibly respect my Self and all other beings promoting tolerance.

*I strive for awareness of the highest Truth practicing sincerity and integrity.

*I share and help others giving encouragement in reaching their goals without sacrificing my own well being.

*I nurture my creativity and develop my happiness through gentle yet stimulating play.

*I cultivate determination and practice patience calmly dealing with adversity.

*I commit to growth ambitiously reaching for my highest potential.

*I conscientiously create my future by making wise choices in this moment.

*I aim for balance living in healthy moderation.

*I gain freedom by simplifying and earn independence through being industrious.

*I am the change I want to see leading by example.

This was definitely worth the trip.

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