My ticket home – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Whoa. It`s all happening so fast. I took Cookie to the country to live with Antonella and her hubby. It was really special because I had never been to her house before. I only had minimal tear-age when saying goodbye to my kitty because I know what good hands she is in. I finally moved and settled everything at my last apartment which was a huge relief. Its amazing how different places have different energies and how they can affect you. I had all my last classes this week and I was moved by their sentiments. I promised them I would be back one day and that they had better practice while I am gone. There is nothing more rewarding to a teacher than seeing their students succeed.
Well, its overcast here today and only 16C. And in Edmonton, it is sunny and 19C. Well, that`s what I was waiting for. The scales are shifting and the seasons are changing. I went and bought a couple more pairs of sunglasses because for only 10 pesos, you can`t go wrong. Besides, with the rate at which I lose them, I better have some insurance. I think I counted losing over 20 pairs over this trip.

Yesterday, I finally bought my ticket and I leave this weekend. The guy was telling me to take my luggage to the pharmacy to weigh it and make sure it was not over. I realized that yes, it`s very rare to see a scale in someones` house here. You go to the pharmacy and pay to have everyone stare at how heavy you are on this huge machine. No wonder everyone is anorexic here with how judgemental and critical people can be. Well, I am trying not to compare myself to others…I am more concerned with how I feel and that, I am learning, is relative only to MY experience.

After I left the travel agency, I kinda walked around the streets in a daze feeling time stand still. I have been in the process of goodbyes with all my friends and have been in some very emotional moments. I imagine its about to get more intense which is fine by me because I like deep and passionate. But I am also learning to treasure soft and relaxed. I get excitement and anticipation to the point of my hands shaking. This is intermingled with a nostalgic aching sensation of pins and needles though my whole body. But I dig it all! It`s great to feel.

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