Just got in – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Went out last night with a couple of friends. Small privater party. Felt more at home than in the big clubs. Infact i laid on the couch practically the whole time. It was nice. No real pressure. Good music cept for the middle dj which isn’t it always the case? I stayed there long after my friends left. just reviewing all that i have done. kinda going through country by country. faces pop up. situations. there is sooooo much. i am so lucky. i didn’t smoke or drink so that was good girl behavior. I didn’t really have much dancing in me either. but like i said, that was okkkk. i walked down 9 de julio and remembered that i had done just the same a little more than a year and some ago. i was alone then too. it was nice tho. i knew where i was and what bus to get on. then i listened to whitney houston sing “where do broken hearts go” as the bus weave its way down the empty streets. light was coming but not enough to wear my sunglasses until i got off…walked reallllly slow down the streets.

It was quiet and the birds were singing. i got into my apartment and was alittle surprised but pleasantly that somewhere in the past few days i had cleaned up a little. i don’t really remember doing it so it must have been little by little…but then the bathroom was a disaster…haha. Getting ready to go out made a mess. but here i am and feeling a little ….peaceful. i was thinking about that today. about the one thing i learned about traveling. i think its peace. i am not sure yet but it seems like the best answer. i will have to work out in to words why i think that.

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