Dream Garden

The Dream Garden

Open the gate to the garden of dreams
But watch where you step nothing is what it seems
The flowers are stars with invisible stems
The planets are beautiful jewels and gems
Everything glitters and sparkles and glows
To transfer dimensions just wiggle your toes
Where nothings too hard or too sharp or too loud
Your bed is located on top of a cloud
You glide through your space with the greatest of ease
Magical musical chimes in the breeze
You can tame time to speed fast or creep slow
You decide high and the depth of your low
Catch a ride on a comet to visit your friend
Who lives in the galaxy just round the bend
Munch cosmic cookies and sip time warp tea
Then play a fun game of What Shape Shall I Be
This place does exist I have been there myself
And regular visits are good for your health
Where can the end of the Dream Garden be?
Depends on how much you are willing to see
Where does the edge of The Dream Garden lie?
When you open your eyes at the end of the nigh`

Written for my nephews…but its for you too, if you can manage the imagination šŸ˜‰

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