So living in Argentina…hum. I would have never thought this is how life would feel. So comfortable. Sitting in the park where the kitties are everywhere basking in the sun, stretching out over my Spanish book.

The weather varies quite a lot and today is rainy but not just. Claps of thunder and lumination. The sky is usually quite blue the hot sun taking only a brief leave behind the snow puff clouds. Just like the flag. The trees are of such bouquet and I actually smell the seasons changing.

I really like the freshness of the fruit. Helado. Mmmmmm. Dulce de Leche. Ok, time to start exercising more than my tastebuds. Fina is such an amazing cook that my discipline is really getting a workout.

Two lovely kitties who are beginning to really cuddle and a sky full of stars. It`s so odd that even tho I am in such a big cement box I can always find nature if I just look up. Max`s family has taken up residence in my heart patiently suffering through my masking tape labels.

I now know sapo is not the Spanish version of a french hat. Tortuga and tortas are both approx the same size but you never try to decorate a tortuga. Fruitilla and frambesa are close seconds to limon in this house. Try as I might, it is near impossible to find a learn to speak Spanish book in any bookstore. Even the huge one that is in an old theatre couldn’t help me.

I thought I would feel the effects of stopping and settling into anything of a routine. Max and I keep busy teaching each other about new foods and then balancing the extra calories with extended laughing fits about what? No se. I just got ahold of some peanut butter and it`s been the novelty at our morning breakfasts combining it with honey (the classic), jam, bananas and what else? Dulce de leche….mmmmm.

I taught him how to drink tea out of a Carmella size tea cup and can you believe he never had a proper grill cheese sandwich? We took a trip to Chinatown and collected all I needed to make sushi then I proceeded to slice dice and roll some killer sushi.

The people I have met at the gym are kind and encouraging tho it still catches me off guard when the Tae Bo instructor comes by with a welcome kiss before class. On the whole tho i really love the warmth of this culture. The best part of my day is spent discovering, exploring, and playing.

Next week, Max and I will go travel to the mountains for a week immersing ourselves into a state of rest and relaxation. I haven`t done alot of real sightseeing to speak of pretty much sticking close to my barrio. But I know the baker and the zapato repairman. I have a flowerguy and a favorite supermarcado. The waiters can understand me better now when I order my favorite juice. Luckily altho he won`t squeeze lemons for himself, Max is a pro when it comes to squeezing fresh jugo de pomelo just the way I like it.

A very pleasant surprise is that altho our quirks differ cosmetically, the general flavor is the same making for many sacred understanding nods. There is a unique kind of energy between us. Like partner elements in an equation.

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