To Europe to catch the wave (heat wave that is) – Nairobi, Kenya

I don`t have anything very interesting to say today. I am just sitting in this internet cafe trying to sort out what is next. I have gotten a bunch of emails from people saying that they are getting blank emails from me…this is very possible as things are a bit technologically behind here. Keep in mind that I am not in the habit of sending out junk mail so you will just have to know that it was the thought that counts. I really did spend about 4 hours writing emails to you guys. The phones are also very temperamental and only work when they feel like it.

I suppose I should tell you a bit about Nairobi although it is not my favorite city, that’s for sure. It`s quite dirty and poor and there is garbage all over the place. Apparently the cops are pretty corrupt here as well. I guess its common that you could get robbed then when you call the police the same guys that robbed you come, now in police clothes. Lots of big guns around here as well.

There are tiny shantytown kiosks selling all sorts of things like fruits and veg and drinks and necessities. Well, pretty much anything you need, I think. Also they have some that say “Pool House” and there is one lonely pool table inside. Then there are cafe ones and also beauty parlour ones but they are just so tiny all lined up in a row. It`s strange really because these shacks are really just some rotting wood nailed together and some have rusty metal for roofs.

One thing that I really like are these tiny apple-bananas. They are about the length of your thumb. I don`t know if it is my imagination or not but they taste like banana with a tangy hint of apple but the texture is the funny part. The fruit here is really really yummy and prolly some of the best I have tasted. As well the flowers here are so vibrant creating a bit of a contrast to the dark and dismal city streets.

Another thing I didn’t really know about is that it is very dangerous here sometimes. When I was driving around I was warned to not take any valuables with me because it is very common to get carjacked here. Most locals have been robbed at some point apparently and the crime rates have topped Jo`Berg for the last two years running.

Well, still I am ok and have actually been quite lucky to have met some very nice people here. Even tho I am one of the very few white people here I don’t feel weird or unsafe. The hotel staff are so kind helping with anything I need, even the security guard walked me down the street and waited with me while I made phone calls.

The food here is tasty too altho I don`t know if I will get used to the Nyama Choma which is the national dish here. It`s basically bbq meat which is good but can be quite chewy. I found myself gnawing on the same piece for so long I thought it was a piece of gum. The taxi I took to get here today was a very old style London black cab. No it wasn`t just old style, it was just old. I wasn`t sure if it would actually start at first but it did and I got here safe and sound.

So now I am just organizing my ticket to England. I know I promised to come visit some people once I got back up to Europe and if you are still keen and your brains not too fried by the heat wave, drop me a line. I would email you but it seems that that is not working so well. So far I can receive no problem tho so maybe give me your updated phone number. Well, I am off to navigate my way back to the city center and track down something to eat.

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