Writers Block? – Pretoria, South Africa

Lets face it. Anyone who has ever tried to keep a journal knows that there are days that you just don`t feel like writing. And then you get stuck thinking that if you start that then you have to catch up on three – four – how many days? It just seems too overwhelming so you put it off till you :
a. have more time
b. feel more inspired
c. can remember what you`ve been doing
d. can find a pen
e. insert lame excuse here

So how many people have I spoke to traveling who said they “tried” to keep a travel diary but well, it just didn`t work out because they got too busy, well, traveling. Fair enough. I understand this completely which is why I invented an easy way out for myself. I don`t impose silly rules on myself like “I MUST write everyday” or “It must make sense”. Hey, it doesn`t even have to be legible really. Yeah, you heard me. I have fun with it man.
Sometimes I write with my right hand (I am a left hander who is evolving into an ambidextrous) just to shake things up a little (excuse the pun).

Sometimes I make up words…one time I even submitted one into Websters. Hiccurp – It`s a cross between a hiccup and a burp. It sounds like a hiccup but there is only one so it`s like a burp. Whatever. I am sure there must be some technical name for it but mine is more fun to say. Say it with me now. Hiccurp. See? Anyway, back to my point.

So those days that I really don`t feel like writing, well, I really don`t. There are whole days (weeks maybe) missing from my journal. Maybe I will never know what I did. Who really cares. If it was that important either I will remember or someone will remind me. So I just pick up. Those days when I just feel like I have so much to say that my hand is actually already tired before I pick up the pen…well I tell myself that I only have to write five words. Its called a MSR. Moment Sensory Report. Its an inventory of all I am sensing at that one particular moment.

1.Sight 2. Hear 3. Smell 4. Taste 5. Feel

They are not always in the right order because my nose and ears sometimes get mixed up as they are on the same level. And sometimes I have to make stuff up like “party mouth” once when it was the morning after a long night out or sometimes the name of a song playing that I don`t recognize will just be called “Some bubblegummy teen pop song”. Or once it was “Barely anything due to cold”.

Try to figure out what sense that was. But for the most part, this is a very easy way to let myself off the hook and still feeling like I did something. I mean, its better than nothing and majority of the time it leads into something else or triggers a story. Yah, so that is my helpful hint of the day.

MSR- 1. Computer screen 2. Soap 3. Hum of hard drive and girls laughing in my dorm. 4. Tea 5. Right foot is asleep and hard wooden chair

Hum, I think my right foot has the right idea…I had better go join it now.

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