Movin On – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

So can you believe it…I finally left Buccs. It was not an easy task especially because I kept getting pulled away from my packing to have pancakes or drinks. By the afternoon, my tummy was not happy and I was dreading saying the goodbyes. I have really found some special people here and the experiences will stay with me for a long time.

Yummy succulent suppers Sal created and spectacular Scrabble tourneys accompanied by big hugs around every corner. Sweet surfer Simon taught me how to stand up on a surfboard with bubblegum flavoured wax. Even tho I got hit in the face with the board I had to persist and it did pay off.

I visited Bulugha Farm School where I heard some beautiful songs that in over a month of listen to Idols (reality Tv of people trying to make it big in the music industry), could not compete with. These big toothy grins send shivers down my spine…just knowing that the faith and hope manufactured through the spirit of these children…they have nothing…and they are singing songs to me “Never Give Up”. Bouncing up and down like popcorn singing me the ABCs in Xhosa and English. Then in the loudest most melodious voices I heard “Twinkle Twinkle Lekker Star” which warmed my soul.

When I was an itsy bitsy my mother gave me a small garden to grow my own food but it wasn`t half as brilliant as the artistic creations these 4 and 5 year olds are growing. They alternate different cabbages to confuse the bugs with a stunning lettuce spiral in the middle surrounded by carrot stalks. Sitting in these tiny desks…can you believe they fit? I dare you to keep a smile off your face as these angels sing in such rhythm and harmony. Tears push behind my eyelids from the power of the strength displayed by these amazing little icons.

My last few nights in Buccaneers were more than fun filled as I stopped working at reception and some how guest starred at the bar even creating my own shooter which was yum. Amarula, Peppermint and Khalua. It reminded me of the stunning sunrises and rainbows I have been blessed with in Cintsa.

My last day was filled with travel advice and hugs that would carry me up through Africa. “I will miss you” brought on a flood of tears as I packed up my bags. I boarded the Baz Bus carrying me away from this haven that I vow to return. I swear that the dogs and children knew I was leaving as they showered me with affectionate hugs and kisses. I thanked Matt for convincing me to pass my boundaries and learn from what I thought were my limits. I have to thank the Price family for adopting me into their amazing bubble allowing me to expand my energies.

At the moment I am sitting in Port Eliz eating pizza, shooting pool and teaching fire spinning. Last night when I rocked up it was like deja vu…haven`t I been here before? Oh yes, a month ago when I was meant to be back in a few days to celebrate my 1 year. Hey, when you are travelling, NEVER MAKE PLANS. Entranced by my 6 yr old ballet Ebony whose grace is a force to be reckoned with as she cuddles with me viewing my pics from this trip deciding that one day, she too one day will visit these places.

Today Nigel patiently drove me around trying to find anti malaria drugs for Kenya eating pies and drinking ciders by the rough sea. I visited the doc office who couldn`t fit me in until the afternoon but after finding out what I needed the kind receptionist offered me a packet of pills she had left over from a previous trip for free! I fly to Joberg tomorrow then out of South Africa but I know I will return. I had the best dreams last night which reminds me that the best is yet to come…

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