Observations – Cintsa, South Africa

Frozen hot sun
Burning cold moon
Harden soft clouds
Midnight meets noon

Footsteps melting shadowed sand
Broken money heavied hands

Advance still wave hills
Retreat move crest oceans
Lifetime a moment
Fast forward slow motion

Slice two through the mountain
Flow river sea fountain

Dolphins shoot through
Like bullets through barrels
We all know the words
Sing sweet nature carols

Baby butterflies sweeping wind
Rain domed colors cure the sinned

Cows crowd the landing strip
Crowning high peak
Sit quiet in nature
Hear harmony speak

Snap feeds the rock gecko
Flap butter wings echo

Packets of food
Swing in the trees
Paradise birds
Peek from the leaves

Tripping over walking sticks
Throw some music in the mix

Measurement constant
Reflect to rewind
Dreams play our future
Live now to kill time

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