Starring Special Guest Matt – Cintsa, South Africa

hello all you carmella`s friends and random people too. This is not Carmella. Carmella is incapacitated right now. She`s been drinking on the job and now she`s trying hard to count the money. Drunk girl counting the loot. Can that be good?

It is a perfect day in sub-paradise today. It is 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and the surf is up. And we`re working, Carmella and I, indamndoors. Allow myself to introduce myself. My name is Matt, and I have no middle name.

Let me also tell you something about employment at Buccaneers Backpackers. It seems like the best idea in the world at first. But then you get ill. Every employee of Buccaneers must get sick the first week on the job. I`m sure it`s written down somewhere probably.

So Carmella`s been growing a tissue forest around her bed for the last week and watering it with radioactive snot. But I got us both some medicine so she`s feeling much better now. The medicine comes in a big brown 750 ml bottle and tastes like Guinness.

To Be Continued…

Just a little backround info: Matt is from Calgary (to those who are unCanadian, Calgary is just 2 hours (with a carmella type driving) from Edmonton and our cities were great rivals back in the hockey haydays) and also has a travelpod under username “Zammer”.

He emailed me back when I was in Cape Town but we didn`t meet up until the Garden Route. He was riding his bike along the coast of Africa until he got stuck in Cintsa working as a bartender…well, they had another Matt from Canada working as the bartender for the last 4 years. I guess it just seemed natural to get another. Even when he is not bartending, he is still getting me drinks as you can read above.

So anyway, they really like Canadians here for some reason and just as quickly as they sucked up Matt like a hoover on a mission, they recruited me before I even saw the place. I have to admit it is a bit strange working for the first time in more than a year and a half. But after a short adjustment and an even shorter learning curve, I have picked it up quite nicely.

I basically hang out at reception for 8 hours at a time answering silly backpacker questions like “Are the surfboards for surfing?” and “Is there alcohol on the booze cruise?” and “Do you take cash here?” This is considered one of the best backpackers in Africa and so I am pretty stoked that I picked such a cool place to work.

I get to cultivate my artistic ability creating pretty announcement boards and my superb organizational skills are still sharp as. The only bad thing about it is that there is heaps of chocolate, chips, cookies and cool drinks literally inches from my perch so my will power is also being exercised. Not that I don`t get enough of that from climbing up and down and up and down “mission hill”.

Bucc`s used to be a resort and is on a huge property over looking a lagoon and the ocean. Taking people to down their cottages is quite the workout, especially when things are as busy as they have been lately. It`s cool to be useful again for a while and even though I have only been working here for a week, I get my first holiday starting tomorrow when I get to take a transkei tour up the wildcoast. I will leave Matty in charge of making sure that everyone is getting their daily dosage of crazy canadianess.

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