Hopped up on goofballs – Cintsa, South Africa

On my one year anniversary, I was still feeling quite sick so I woke up and ate a bunch of fresh papaya, grapefruit, pineapple and oranges. Then I lazed around until it was time to go horseback riding, still feeling under the weather but hoping that the fresh air would do me good. Unfortunately, I only made it halfway through the ride before I started hallucinating that I was trudging through the Sahara on a camel.

Note to self: No horseback riding when you have a head cold…no matter how badly you want to go.

Luckily, I was rescued and delivered into a bed where I had a fitful nap feeling my grasp on sanity slipping. I have to say that one of the worst things about travelling is getting sick. If you have the misfortune to catch something, you had better pray that you recover quickly or you will be reduced to a sniveling mess, like myself.

I am on toilet roll number four and I my voice is almost gone from having to ask people to speak up as my ears are also not working. Argghhh! I feel like such a mess. Can it get worse? Yup. Just you wait. I haven`t the patience or energy at the moment to tell you what else has gone wrong.

The one nice thing that happened is that I called home and got to speak to my whole family. Another happy thing is that I went into town. It was chaos after being secluded for this long. I almost forgot how to function at the robots which is what they call traffic lights here.

I ended up buying some big fluffy slippers that now protect my clumsy toes from any further injury. Although I probably look like a bit of a freak because they look like booties peter pan would wear. Maybe I will see if I can fly or something. With the amount of medicine I have been eating, I am surprised I haven`t blasted off already!

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