My new South African family – Cintsa, South Africa

I was just taking a stroll on the never-ending beach when I ran into Jerry the dog who looks like a puppy. She is like 10 years old but still has the perky curious ears and eyes of a pup. She introduced me to her family, Suzanne and Louis, who embraced me with their kindness inviting me to their home for a braai. They are actually from the Free State but are holidaying here for a few weeks.

They came and picked me up three times over the last week treating me to the most sumptuous South Africa fare. Andrew ,Christiaan, and Johann (I am a dwarf next to their towering frames), were so polite and gentleman like always opening doors for me and treating me like a princess.

We christened their new braai area and they said they were going to name their new yellow tractor after me. They also taught me all about South African demographics and let me listen to some songs sung in Africaans. They were very curious about Canada and I got to show them pictures from my trip as well.

I would have taken up their offer to ride in the rubber duck (a big rubber boat that skips through the waves) if my foot was healthier. They have been concerned about it even offering to drive me to a doctor. I am a bit chuffed that my medical insurance has run out on the day that I really needed it. It`s a bit of a downer that they won`t extend it past a year and I can`t get insurance here because I am not South African.

So hint to anyone going for longer than a year: Make sure you get your insurance sorted before you leave because its a real hassle to try and do it on road.

Hopefully, I will get healthy soon and then I will just take preventative measures to make sure I stay that way. I have just picked up a killer cold as well which has really knocked me on my butt making me really feel like a charity case.

Without a second thought Susanne swooped in feeding me vitamins and medicine as well as making sure I had the softest tissues for my red raw nose. She even packed me up a bunch of their delicious food including traditional milk tart. It felt like being with family which made it really hard to say goodbye. I will not forget the love and graciousness that they showed me over the past week.

Now I am going to hunt down that yummy milk tart and pap for lunch. It`s a really nice sunny day so I think I should go sit in the sun and try to heal my hurting bod. I barely slept last night I was in such a state of unwellness. It`s times like this that I really wish that I had my creature comforts like a nice hot bath and fluffy robe. I could do with a big soft duvet and a bowl of steaming chicken soup. I have today and tomorrow off work so hopefully this will be the break that I need.

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