Stop – Cintsa, South Africa

I am seeing the most amazing pink and red sunrises here. It seems I wake up at exactly the right time every morning to enjoy the peace of the sun lighting up the cloud formations over the vast blue ocean. The birds here range from metallic blues to pastel peaches singing curious songs I haven`t heard before.

I am staying at a place that is really a resort for backpackers. It`s not like anything else I have be to before but strongly reminds me of a Club Med. There is a school nearby which a bunch of backpackers have volunteered to paint. There is always something to do and everyday they have free activities with free wine. Too bad I am not really drinking at the moment. Actually, its probably a good thing then.

I have only here for one day and I already hurt my baby toe badly by falling down the stairs. Opps. Nope, I wasn`t drinking…just being my normal clumsy self. Anyway, it really really really hurts and has swollen up black and blue causing me to limp everywhere. How I wish I had my beloved walking stick/weapon that I bought in Cape Town. But like so many things, I have left it somewhere along the Garden Route.

When I am not dragging my bum foot around, I am playing volleyball, making fires, walking down the 17km soft sand beach or running up and down the mountainous sand dunes (this was pre-accident). Last night, I kicked a chair with the crippled toe and well, it has been a long time since I have cried from pain but man, I was so close.

There is a very old gramma cat who talks alot and 5 very active friendly dogs who are always up for a walk/run on the beach. And how could I forget the sweet little kitty (8 weeks old?) called Blue who is being trained to hunt down the “scaries” (snakes and the like) in the garden before they get to the resident toddler.

Well, its been a while since I have worked so when the owners offered me a job for a while, I couldn’t turn them down. It`s so nice to feel useful and I thought that after one year of not doing anything, I should really remind myself again, why I am travelling in the first place.

I just bought myself an anniversary prezzie which has knocked me back quite a bit so saving some cash is probably a good thing. But yay! I finally have music! I did a whole year without and let me tell you, it wasn`t easy. So now, armed with my new minidisc player I can get heavy into my workouts getting back into the state of health that suits me best.

The power of music really has an affect on mood and there have been days when all I could think about was wishing I could just listen to “that” song. Now if I could just get out of the habit of answering people with “no worries” (residual Australia) and telling them what a “pleasure” it is.

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