Elephants Everywhere – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

When we finally found the elephant park, the kids were so hungry that we had to eat before even starting the drive through the nature park. The food was quite good and less expensive than I had expected for being in the middle of such a tourist attraction. After our lunch we piled into the car on a hunt for elephants.

I was going to wait to see these animals but I ran into a few people who said that they actually spent 4 days on safaris without seeing one lion or elephant….shame. I started to think that we would have the same bad luck as we drove and drove seeing only a few baby warthogs. There were heaps (excuse the pun) of evidence on the road that there were elephants present but we just drove around and around to no avail.

We were getting a bit discouraged so I climbed onto the roof of the car hoping to act as an elephant antenna (or to boost our spirits with a few laughs) and it worked! Not only were we crying we were laughing so hard, we had two very close encounters with the gentle wrinkly beasts.

My one (whoever sees him first gets to claim him) came stomping through the trees towards the waterhole. On an obvious mission and completely oblivious to our oogling eyes, he glided right past us, a matter of feet from our car. Secretly I think it was the aroma of my bag of peanuts that brought him to us but Pete and Lou wouldn`t let me give him any. Apparently, they are dangerous and you aren`t supposed to get out of your car. I found this very hard to believe with his big floppy winglike ears and long flirty eyelashes.

Unlike any elephants I have seen in the zoo, these ones were cleaner and healthier looking with a certain energetic spark in their eyes. I got some class pics as they seemed to almost pose for me before retreating into the bushes once again. Sharks – check. Lions – check. Elephants – check. Sometimes I feel like I am on a treasure hunt…

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