I am finally ready to go. I have quit the job, sold the stuff, and said goodbyes. I am leaving in less than a week. My sister Trina will be driving me down to Calgary to catch my flight. I am still not really nervous but I get emotional some days thinking about what will come of all this. Everything in the planning for this trip has come so easily which just reminds me that I am on the right path. I hope to get any last minute errands done this week. I am still in search of the perfect shoe.

One thing that has been pretty universal when I talk to people about what I am doing is how “brave” I am. I don’t feel particularly brave. In fact, I think it would take more guts to stay here and try to survive in this rat race when it is so obvious that I am meant to be somewhere else right now.

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I am finally here. I am really tired and this keyboard is funny…the y is not in the right place and there are dots on top of the letter oau. It is a different world here. Note to self- buy compass. I got lost 4 times today. Its ok though because I got to see places I probably wouldn’t have gone to by plan.
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I think I just came upon one of the best places in the world. I know this because I have met people from almost every continent and we all feel the same way. Interlaken is amazing. There are beautiful mountains all around and it is sandwiched between two huge lakes. Hence the name.
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Wow. I went canyoning today. It was nothing short of spectacular. First I rappelled down a 150 meter canyon, then we jumped, slid and climbed through more than a mile of beautiful Swiss Canyon. It was a little cold but we had wet suits on (as well as all the safety garb, Mom). My favorite part was when I zip lined down and right in the middle, they yell to let go and you drop 5 meters or so into a pool of glacier water.
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Making New Friends – Interlaken, Switzerland

Could it get any better than this? I am so happy sometimes its hard. I had to say goodbye yesterday.


Getting to Greece – Athens, Greece

I am lost in Athens. But I think I am beginning to sort things out. The train ride from Switzerland


Horrible Huts and Refreshing Rooms – Paros, Greece

I found everything in Athens ok. I got to my new hostel and even tho it was really hot, it was sans


Feeding in the Greek Isles – Paros, Greece

I am having a terrific time in Paros. The seafood here is undescribable. You are literlly eating sea


Do NOT Yogurt the Burn – Paros, Greece

I am burnt. Opps. I did put sunscreen on but the sun was so strong yesterday. So we went for our sea


Special Treatment for Women – Paros, Greece

Last night we all (all the girls) went out for dinner and got treated like princesses. They gave as