Lord of the Rings – Wellington, New Zealand

We passed the Embassy Theater where the LOTR Trilogy Premieres are held. I was impressed by the giant Golum crawling over the roof towards the street. His head must have been the size of a truck! Over top of the box office a large golden ring that I probably could have stood inside of was spinning around and around and around.

I finally watched Two Towers and am now even more (is it possible?) excited to get down to the South Island. I know that most of the film was made there and that many read more

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Keep Left – Taupo – Wellington, New Zealand

After spending a very lax day exploring the shops in town, I leisurely strolled back to the motel with my nose in my book. Enjoyed a sumptuous lamb dinner prepared by Keren and Bryan. I enjoyed a hot spa before turning in.

I am amazed at how quiet and peaceful it is here. I can almost hear my thoughts forming. I thought it was supposed to be getting chilly here but it seems that the late summer is boosting temps. This is very good news because anyone who knows me understands my distaste f read more

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