Train Tracking

I woke up way too early but that always happens at the start of a new trip. I had to make sure my condo was spic and span for my renter to be. I wanted to ensure he would enjoy the space as much as I do. First impressions are everything, you know. I really lucked out with this guy, him being a traveller and all. I know its a generalization but most of the time, The Traveler gets it. I have a lot of hats that I wear…daughter, sister, friend, writer, teacher, even cook. But of them all, I find I am at my very best as a traveler.

Travelers practice patience, promote tolerance, and are no doubt a curious bunch. I have found traveling the world has helped me find bravery, cultivated humility, and taught me heaps about compassion…for myself and others. When I am stuck at home in my same drame familiar routine…where nothing is different and I seldom get challenged, its easy. Too easy. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not begging for chaos or disaster. Put simply, I crave adventure. It seems to me, the most meaningful experiences happen in times of great change.

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